Thursday, 21 January 2010

2 weeks to go.

Well here we are - finished work last week and said goodbye to some very good friends whom I hope will keep in touch. I have just completed my motorbike training which was much less traumatic than I expected it to be, although I'm sure riding on Gambian roads will be an entirely different experience!

Plan of action for the next 2 weeks involves a lot more saying goodbye and trekking up to Cumbria with a van full of my stuff, which the lovely Sarah and Ian have agreed to store - thanks guys you're fab.
Then once I've worked out what all the motorbike gear and my other essentials weigh, I'll know how much space I have for clothes, which at the moment seems to be worryingly limited.

Flight is booked I believe, I leave from Heathrow on the 4th Feb at 8.30am. It's all starting to feel very real.

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