Tuesday, 16 February 2010

So we moved into the house in Kanifing where we'll spend the next 3 weeks whislt we finish our in country training. I've added a few pics below. It took just one day to go from feeling like it's all a bit grotty, to really quite nice. I imagine when we come back down here to visit after being upcountry, it will feel like pure luxury.
The language training contiunes. I am in a group with Lucy and Phil, both of whom are picking it up really quickly. Nyaisatou our teacher, often throws her hands up in exasperation shouting "Kate, Kate!" This has quickly been adopted by Lucy and I think it will amuse us for weeks!

Aussie Rachel on the beach

The main highstreet into Fajara, when it's quiet.

Lucy who is coming to Soma with me

Pete and Liz, married couple, enjoying a beer at Safari gardens. We're making the most of beer availability whilst we can!

Phil at Safari gardens hotel.

Kanti, also coming to Soma with Lucy and I. Indian lady living in Canada. She's brilliant.

Typical sidestreet made of sand with massive potholes. I imagine this is what the offroad bike training will be for!

Me preparing for anorexia now we have to feed ourselves, mmm tomato sandwich. I've measured myself in preparation.

The bedroom Lucy and I are sharing in the house in Kanifing.

Kitchen - cooking area

Kitchen - washing up area!

bathroom - cold water only. I have developed a new yoga move which comes in useful when washing your hair and avoiding getting cold water all down your back.

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