Friday, 16 April 2010

imagine if you will...

  • Not having the mad rush that is the start of term. Instead a more sedate beginning where you may still be travelling back from your holiday.
  • Needing to write "pupils should not be sent on errands such as buying cigarettes or ganja".
  • Examining pupils in a language they can not speak.
  • Leaving your classroom to greet a visitor for the whole lesson.
  • Having a class comprised of two different year groups in your room and teaching them entirely separate topics. One at a time.
  • A child having work in their book that they have written but are completely unable to read.
  • Trying to improve the teaching in an area where around 50% of the teachers are untrained and unqualified and don't earn enough money a month to buy a bag of rice.

Any views expressed are my own and are not representative of VSO.

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